What to do in an elevator

Stand in one of the corners, stare at the wall while doing this, and don’t move or say anything at all no matter who gets on the elevator

Bring a desk into the elevator and when someone walks in, ask them “Do you have an appointment?” If not, scream at them to get out of your office

Superglue a coin to the floor and see how many people try to pick it up

Drop a pen and when someone tries to pick it up, scream at them “THAT’S MY PEN!!!”

And those are some random things that you can do in an elevator


Stuff to do outside

Wave at random people in cars

Go to a random store and try to get a refund on a rock you found outside

Start following the first person you see for as long as possible without them knowing

Stand next to random people and copy everything they do

Carry a “Free Hugs” sign and when someone asks for a hug tell them you ran out

Get a big rock, tie a rope to it, and start dragging it around in public

Lay on the ground without moving and when people pass you, tell them that you are a stick

Hug a tree, and if people stare at you scream “Back off this is my tree!”

Scream at people saying “I LOST MY VOICE! HELP ME FIND IT!”

Look up and point at the sky. See how many people look up.

Go outside late at night and make animal noises

You know you’re bored when…

  • you start drawing tornados
  • you count every second
  • you stare at a wall for no reason
  • you contemplate life
  • you wonder why you exist
  • you become aware of your own existence and freak out o_O
  • you do bad impressions of animals
  • play charades in your imagination
  • you think that objects are alive
  • you make faces in your mirror
  • you pretend to be a dragon doing a duck impersonation
  • you draw random shapes in the air
  • you talk to your shadow
  • you feel sad for snakes cuz they got no arms
  • you call random snails gary
  • you cut open pineapples saying “SPONGEBOB I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!”
  • you wear a Mario hat and run down a street saying “Lets go!” while attempting to jump over cars
  • you walk up to semi-trucks and say “I know your secret Optimus Prime”
  • you think the sky is falling
  • you are chairman of the bored