You know you’re bored when…

  • you start drawing tornados
  • you count every second
  • you stare at a wall for no reason
  • you contemplate life
  • you wonder why you exist
  • you become aware of your own existence and freak out o_O
  • you do bad impressions of animals
  • play charades in your imagination
  • you think that objects are alive
  • you make faces in your mirror
  • you pretend to be a dragon doing a duck impersonation
  • you draw random shapes in the air
  • you talk to your shadow
  • you feel sad for snakes cuz they got no arms
  • you call random snails gary
  • you cut open pineapples saying “SPONGEBOB I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!”
  • you wear a Mario hat and run down a street saying “Lets go!” while attempting to jump over cars
  • you walk up to semi-trucks and say “I know your secret Optimus Prime”
  • you think the sky is falling
  • you are chairman of the bored


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